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Picloq Core Platform

i2i Technology: Breaking the data breach cycle

Say hello to Picloq i2i technology, which enables a secure one-to-one privacy shield by delivering a privacy envelop on top of end-to-end encryption. Thus, Picloq transforms the privacy model into virtually impregnable one-to-one encryption.

How it works

Picloq i2i technology creates UVID (Unique Visual ID) using your personal biometric data, which does not contain any personal identifiable information (PII), or any data that can be used to establish your identity.

Picloq i2i technology allows you to protect your personal and sensitive data while communicating and transacting in the digital world by providing a privacy shield on top of your secure end-to-end data transmission.

Every time you use Picloq it verifies you by matching your biometric data, ensuring that only you communicate and execute those transactions.

Do you really
know who you are
taking to?

Types of Fraud

Identity Theft
Credit Card Frauds
Account Take Over

Main Causes

Data Breaches
Weak Password Practice
Inefficient Authentication
Social Engineering Tactics
Threat by Device

i2i Technology is Based on Proof

Group 977

Social ID
Mobile Phone
Security Token

Finger Prints

Picloq One-to-one privacy envelope

Group 976-a

Technology Enablers

Face Recoginition

Picloq uses Face recognition algorithm which is top-ranked according to the NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) 2017.


ISO/IEC 30107-3 addresses techniques/ challenges for the detection of presentation attacks – also known as spoof and liveness detection.

Security & Compliance


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